On Sunday 25 March, Miramar will be open as usual!

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Sundays are a great day to have a rest, read, be a couch potato… But they’re also great to drop by Miramar with your friends, go shopping, enjoy a film on our cinema or have a delicious meal in one of our restaurants. Would you like to join us? Next Sunday 25 March, Miramar will be open as usual so that you can enjoy the best plans.


If you want to have a perfect weekend, make your plans for Sunday 25 March and drop by Miramar: A family lunch, dinner à deux, a nice film with popcorn, a visit to your favourite shop, the best shopping experience… Choose your best plan and make the most of it! Sundays at Miramar are real Sundays. Remember, next Sunday 25 March we’ll be open as usual!


But this is not all! Easter is coming, and we’ll be open as usual as well! On Thursday 9 and Friday 20 March, Miramar shopping centre will also be open for you. It’s time to be with your friends, enjoy the processions, and it’s time to celebrate; it’s time to drop by Miramar! Easter is coming, but Miramar will stay here. We await you!