On October, We Love Halloween! A new RAFFLE and new prizes await you at Miramar!

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On October, We Love Halloween! This month’s monthly raffle by Miramar shoppìng centre is packed with lots of prizes for 24 WINNERS. Wow! If you want to know what you can win, read below!


What do we raffle?

TUC-TUC: 1 raincoat
Sould Park: 2 € 15 gift cards
Women’s Secret: 1 toilet bag or a pair of slippers (to choose by the winner)
Karting: 10 tickets
Fosters Hollywood: 3 dinners
Todo Uñas: 1 manicure
Costa Coffee: 4 Toffee Spiced Latte drinks
Starbucks: 5 Phantom Frappuccino
Soloptical: 2 boxes of fantasy contact lens


When and how can you enter our raffle?

The raffle will start on Monday 21 October at 15pm and will finish on Thursday 31 October at 11:59 pm.

If you want to enter our raffle, just go to our website and fill in a form following our instructions. Once all the raffles end, we will raffle a €200 gift card among all participants! No luck this time? Don’t worry, you still have many chances to win!


What is We love Winners?

We love Winners is a monthly raffles campaign that we run every month at Miramar and that gives you the chance to win one of our many prizes. You can also become a Winner!

Check our raffle Terms and Conditions HERE.



1: Eva Maria Joya Oñate 

2: Vanesa Fernandez cabezon 

3: José Maria Torres

4: Cristina Cruz claros

5: Iván Peña

6: Rosario Moreno Robles

7: Maria Municio minguillan 

8: Leandro Cano Ferrer

9: Marta Jimenez estevez

10: Teresa Gil Aguilar 

11: Gema Barbero Barbero

12: Tamara Jiménez Moreno

13: Nadine Meyer

14: Mari Martín González

15: Yolanda Fernández

16: Fabiola Rodriguez Heredia


18: María del Mar Arjona Clavijo

19: Victoria Soledad Puebla O’Rourke

20: Pablo Carrion Ruiz 

21: Noelia Garcia Menacho 

22: Maria Pérez Rodríguez

23: Toñi Iznajar Bonilla 

24: Belén Cerezo Miguel