Due to Miramar shopping centre’s privileged and unique location on the coast of Fuengirola, there is an 800 m long beach very close to Miramar, with fantastic access to the sandy area.

  • El Ejido/El Castillo is located in Fuengirola, before crossing the Fuengirola river, next to Sohail Castle; this beach is part of the big sandy area in Fuengirola.
Other beaches in Fuengirola are:

  • San Francisco/Fuengirola beach is located in Fuengirola city centre, next to Fuengirola’s marina. This beach is ideal for children, as the sea is usually calm and it is not very deep.
  • Los Boliches is also in Fuengirola. It is a very famous beach, with an excellent range of equipment and services, close to the city centre.
  • Santa Amalia beach is located in Fuengirola. It also has a good variety of services, and it is not far from the city centre.

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