We invite you to the most original and amazing proposal. Don’t miss out on it! I do!

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At Miramar shopping centre we have prepared a big thing. Next Friday 22 March at 7 p.m., we will enjoy a fantastic experience in our shopping centre. There won’t be room for so much love! Pay attention:


On 22 March, we’ll celebrate the most original and spectacular proposal you could ever imagine. The winner of the “I do” contest, organised by our shopping centre in observance of their 15th anniversary, will finally get his prize, and you’re all invited to see it.


Live music, dance, a fantastic master of ceremonies, an exceptional decoration, all this and many more surprises will accompany an unbeatable declaration of love. They don’t have a clue about the surprise we have for them!


This is how we celebrate love at Miramar. Are you going to miss out on it? We aren’t! Come and shout it out loud with us: I do!

And remember…

Until Friday 22 March at 8:30 p.m., you can enter any of these super raffles.


If you are 15, you can win a prize, a ticket for our cinema or karting: All persons born in the same year the shopping centre was opened (2004) are eligible to win a prize. We’ll raffle 40 tickets for our karting and 60 tickets for our cinema.


15 love years: win a € 500 gift card! We’ll raffle a gift card worth € 500 among couples that have been together for 15 years and can show proof of it. And if you can show your union with any kind of document, you have double the chances to win!