MARYPAZ is located at Miramar shopping centre, in Fuengirola, a city in the province of Malaga. 
Since it was founded, and thanks to a product created with a delicate design and an excellent value for money, MARYPAZ has become a leading company on all the markets it operates in, thanks to their philosophy and values implemented in all their points of sale. Every store has a significant commitment towards their clients; this enables them to reach a high market share and a high degree of engagement.
Their vast collections are a reflection of the actual fashion trends, with exclusive designs, fabrics and materials, created for each season by their own creative team. MARYPAZ products have an unbeatable value for money. This has enabled them to become, from the very beginning, a favourite shoe wear brand for many women around the world.
Their store at Miramar shopping centre is characterised by a very contemporary style, combining tones like white and blue with items in marble or wood, to give it an elegant look. All this results in a large and well-organised area with an excellent bright, light background. This structure is how MARYPAZ sees interior design, and it’s a concept they’re adopting in their stores, intending to unifying it on all their stores, thus improving the purchase experience.
Shopping Center: Fuengirola

Place: A-52

Phone: 952473381


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