First premiere of a Spanish film in Original Version with Subtitles, “Juliet”

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On Friday 8 April, we have the pleasure of premiering the latest film by the prolific and original Pedro Almodóvar at Miramar Cinesur: “Juliet”. It will also be the first release of a Spanish film in original version with subtitles; ie with its original audio in Spanish and English subtitles. So more viewers can enjoy our cinema.

Are you coming to see the movie?

“Juliet” is a wonderful story told in a drama tone, and the life of its protagonist (Juliet), takes a 180 degree turn when she leaves Madrid to move to Portugal. Her life in the 80s was wonderful, but at present, it is a complete disaster, linked to pain and suffering and on the verge of madness. It is at that moment when Juliet casually meets Bea, an old friend of her daughter Antía (who she has not heard from in years).

Bea tells Juliet that she has bumped into Antía on a couple of occasions and that she now has three children of her own. The impact that all this news has on Juliet, makes her decide to cancel her move to Portugal and go live in the house that she once shared with her daughter. The goal: to get back in the life of her daughter by some chance and organise her feelings, writing down each detail and circumstance of the same; starting with the day she met her father, Xoan, during a train trip.

Ultimately, this is a film that shows us how inevitable fate is, it talks about the sentiment of guilt, and of those inexplicable reasons that lead us to abandon our loved ones. An incredible treasure for the soul that you cannot miss! We are waiting for you starting Friday 8 April at Cinesur Miramar