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FRIKING was born from the hands of fans for fans. Get ready because we have landed in Fuengirola! WE ARE THE ULTIMATE DESTINATION FOR POP CULTURE LOVERS. What are you waiting for to immerse yourself in a place where your favorite tastes come to life!

What We Offer If you’re looking for MUSIC, HUMOR, MOVIE, SERIES, OR COMIC-INSPIRED T-SHIRTS, look no further! We have a wide variety of shirts to give as gifts or… to treat yourself!

At FRIKING, we don’t have just one style; WE HAVE DESIGNS FOR EVERY STYLE! The hardest part is deciding which one you like the most!

With great power comes great… OUR GREATEST SUPERPOWER AT FRIKING IS CUSTOMIZATION. With our help, you can customize everything from shirts to accessories. There are no limits! Express your individuality and stand out from the crowd. Wear items that only you have created!

We are a Cult Destination At Friking, we are not just a store; WE ARE A MEETING PLACE FOR ENTHUSIASTS. From comics to movies, every corner of our store in the Miramar Shopping Center celebrates the diversity of pop culture. Join the Friking community!

Funko Pop in Fuengirola

The figures of the moment! Were you looking for ORIGINAL FUNKO POPS IN FUENGIROLA? Look no further! Not only will you find them from your favorite series, movies, and video games, but we also have them for football players and NBA stars!

Friking Accessories

Get ready to dive into the FASCINATING UNIVERSE OF FRIKING ACCESSORIES! At Friking, we understand that details make the difference, and our accessories are designed to take your style to the next level, adding that unique and distinctive touch that you will only find in our galaxy of products.

Fusion of Pop Culture with Fashion At Friking, we take care of MERGING FASHION WITH POP CULTURE in a unique way. Our team of experts is always one step ahead, ensuring you find the latest novelties and classics you love. Ready for a journey that will change your perspective on fashion?

Location at C.C. Miramar

We are located on THE GROUND FLOOR OF THE MIRAMAR SHOPPING CENTER. Are you ready to immerse yourself in the world of pop culture and fashion? Your unique products, with countless customization options, and a PASSIONATE COMMUNITY are at Miramar!

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