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Our ÁLVARO MORENO STORE LOCATED IN THE MIRAMAR SHOPPING CENTER is the perfect choice for modern men who want to always look their best. From complete suits to blazers, at Álvaro Moreno, we have everything you need to become the perfect guest.

Álvaro Moreno at Miramar Shopping Center

WE HAVE A WIDE RANGE OF PRODUCTS that includes everything from polo shirts, t-shirts, and swimwear to blazers, sweatshirts, pants, vests, and sweaters. Do you have a special event? Let our elegant accessories such as ties and scarves MAKE YOU STAND OUT.

Our store not only caters to men, but we ALSO HAVE A CHILDREN’S SECTION dedicated exclusively to children’s fashion. At Álvaro Moreno in C.C Miramar, we live life through our garments, reflecting a CHEERFUL AND CULTURAL SPIRIT OF ANDALUCÍA in colors, fabrics, and unique shapes.

The quality of OUR MATERIALS AND THE CONSTANT INNOVATION of our design team make Álvaro Moreno the preferred brand for those looking to dress in fashion without losing the taste for the classic.

Andalusian Style at C.C. Miramar At ÁLVARO MORENO, WE AIM TO CREATE A DIRECT CONNECTION with each design we create with the REGIONS OF ANDALUCÍA. We take pride in using the highest quality raw materials to make each garment we offer a testament to Andalusian craftsmanship and fashion.

What We Offer in Fuengirola

FASHION FOR MEN AND CHILDREN: At Álvaro Moreno, we stand out for offering a wide selection of fashion for both men and children.

UNIQUE ANDALUSIAN STYLE: Our designs are made to reflect the unique spirit of Andalucía through vibrant colors, quality fabrics, and distinctive shapes, where we strive to give each garment a unique and distinctive touch.

QUALITY AND INNOVATION: We use the highest quality materials and combine them with innovation, making each product a sublime combination of fashion, quality, and classic style.

SPECIAL PROMOTIONS: Throughout the year, we offer our customers various special promotions to enjoy exclusive discounts.

Location of Álvaro Moreno Store in Miramar

To be able to offer all our essential features, we needed a perfect location, therefore, Álvaro Moreno is located ON THE UPPER FLOOR OF THE MIRAMAR SHOPPING CENTER IN FUENGIROLA.

If you appreciate dressing with elegance, quality, and style, you can’t forget to visit Álvaro Moreno!

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