We’re open on Sunday 30 December!

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Say goodbye to 2018 at Miramar


What a year! We don’t want it to finish, but we’re sure that 2019 will be as good as 2018. Or even better! However, and just to be sure, we invite you to say goodbye to 2018 visiting Miramar!


On Sunday 30 December, the last Sunday of the year, Miramar will be open for you! Come and drop by your favourite shops, your number one restaurants, get a ticket for the cinema and enjoy that film you were eager for, make your Christmas shopping… You have lots of plans to suit all tastes.


Remember: holidays are to be enjoyed at Miramar. Next Sunday 30 December, we await you at Miramar to say goodbye to 2018 the best way: having a terrific time!