Do you want your family to be the star of the next Miramar campaigns? Enter our digital casting!
Our family is made up of the people with whom we have enjoyed the best moments. For example, at Miramar shopping centre, you are our family. We have grown and enjoyed our best moments together, with each and every person visiting us.
We want to pay tribute to love, friendship and affection, and to reward you for those unforgettable moments we have shared. That is why we are very excited to announce that we are opening a digital casting for all kinds of families. This year, we want you, our family, to be the stars of our next campaigns. Read below to learn all about it!
Who are we looking for in our family digital casting?
We are interested in all kinds of families: tall, short, large, peculiar, mismatched, green, purple… We really do not care. We want to find families that have enjoyed some of their most memorable moments with us. An unforgettable birthday, the first steps of your child, that gift you made your mother that she adored… Anything!
Why are we interested in your family?
The selected families will be the stars of Miramar shopping centre’s campaigns during this year. Each selected family nucleus will get a gift card of 100€ to enjoy at Miramar. Also, we will raffle a TV and smart speakers among all the participants!
How can you enter the raffle?
If you think your family is the one, register it! Follow these steps:

Complete the web form.

Attach some pictures of the people that will participate in the campaigns.
When can you enter this contest?
You can sign up for our casting from 12 February to 25 February, both included. The chosen people will be contacted by Miramar to discuss the details.
Check the Terms and Conditions for this raffle HERE.