WE HAVE WINNERS! Back to school, back to raffles! In September, Miramar Loves Kids!

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  • Winner 1: Auxi Jiménez Aguilar
  • Winner 3: Conchi Perez moreno
  • Winner 4: Estefanía López Manzano
  • Winner 5: Patricia García García
  • Winner 6: Monica Robles Márquez



  • Substitute 7: Lucía Costillo Gómez
  • Substitute 8: Miriam Gutierrez Gutierrez
  • Substitute 9: María de la Luz Padilla Contreras
  • Substitute 10: Lucia Lastres ruiz
  • Substitute 11: Laura Del rio
  • Substitute 12: María Ángeles Ruiz Gómez
  • Substitute 13: Almudena Pallares Padilla
  • Substitute 14: Paula Alarcón López
  • Substitute 15: Ana Jimenez Muñoz
  • Substitute 16: Pilar Barba Mondejar
  • Substitute 17: Daniel Fernández
  • Substitute 18: Alejandra Monserrat Giambelluca
  • Substitute 19: Isabel Maria
  • Substitute 20: Elena Sánchez Sánchez
  • Substitute 21: Tania Montes gallardo
  • Substitute 22: Paula Guglielmetti
  • Substitute 23: Cristina Baños herrero
  • Substitute 24: Katerina Balshaw


Our we love WINNERS raffles are back! September is the back to school month par excellence and, of course, the youngest at home are the stars of our most anticipated monthly raffle. This month, we have 6 prizes for our kids. Would you like to have a look at them?


What do we raffle?

  • C&A: 3 gift cards worth €20 (one card per winner)
  • Rituals: 2 Round toiletry bags from the Holi collection, including Shower Foam Flower and Body Cream (one bag per winner)
  • Benetton: 1 backpack.


When and how can you join our raffle?

The raffle will start on Thursday 19 September at 3 pm and will finish on Sunday 29 September at 11:59 pm.

If you want to enter our raffle, just go to our website and fill in a form following our instructions. If you are not one of the lucky winners, you will still have a new chance! Once all the raffles have been finished, we will raffle a €200 gift card!


What is We love Winners?

We Love Winners is a monthly raffles campaign that gives you the chance to win many prizes every month. Enter our raffles and get your prize!


Check our raffle Terms and Conditions HERE.