PadThaiWok Thai Noodle Bar & Take Away

PadThaiWok Thai Noodle Bar & Take Away

PadThaiWok, located at Miramar shopping centre, is an example of Thai Street Food. You will discover all their incredible flavours that will take you to the streets of Bangkok, to feed your most fun and joyful side.
Forget about everything you know and become a real #PadThaiAddict!
Once you taste our dishes, you will not stop enjoying our noodles, rice, salads, starters, soups, Thai burgers, curries, signature dishes, suggestions, desserts and many more at Miramar shopping centre.
In our menu, you will also find meals that can be adapted to people in need of a gluten-free, vegetarian, vegan or halal diet so everyone can enjoy them.
Our dishes at PadThaiWok are cooked with fresh vegetables and meat, cut by us every day, to make sure we can offer the best quality to our clients. 
And if you want a punch of Thai experience beyond our noodles, rice and Thai specialities, taste our new craft beers in the purest Thai Street Food style that will take you to the heart of Thailand, and that will be the perfect pairing for our dishes.
Shopping Center: Fuengirola

Place: A-36b

Phone: 952 479 053


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